Solution Benefits

  • Up to 20% reduction in paper wastage
  • Cost savings of up to 50%
  • Full visibility over all networked devices
  • Secure print environment

Customer Profile

  • Property
  • Established in 1906
  • 200+ employees
  • West End, City, Leeds and Brighton

About Allsop

Allsop is an independent property consultancy with a market-leading reputation for high quality service and integrity.

The business is best known as the UK’s largest and most successful property auction house, but its reach is considerably wider, providing auction, commercial and residential services.

Allsop employs over 200 members of staff over five locations and has been operating for more than 100 years.


Allsop is considered as a premium service provider and were looking for a partner that matched their own reputation.

  • Aging devices were unreliable
  • Costly consumable ordering
  • Expensive running costs
  • Mixed fleet of devices
  • High levels of wastage
  • Significant burden for IT department
  • Lack of security measures
  • No visibility over print activity and volume

We had to have an ‘in’ and Agilico had already worked with another business that we know well, which was a big win. They had the understanding and translation of what we wanted, before we wanted it, and the account managers’ expertise were invaluable.

Office and Facilities ManagerAllsop
The result

An Overview

Allsop is considered as a premium service provider and were looking for a partner that matched their own reputation. Allsop’s existing provider supplied a range of multifunctional and desktop devices which included manufacturers such as Toshiba, HP and Konica Minolta. Although not a significant issue, there was a preference for a common interface across a unified print fleet from a single manufacturer. The business found that their print and device costs were rising and, due to the age of a number of the machines, they were becoming more unreliable. Allsop were also spending a significant amount of money on print consumables for their HP devices.

In addition, Allsop’s printer fleet was a distraction to the business’ IT Department. With allocated devices for each department and a high downtime rate, individuals and often entire departments were left unable to print. The IT department were then burdened with rerouting prints to working machines.

After speaking with businesses in their industry, Allsop was referred to us.

Results At A Glance

  • Unified Canon fleet
  • Fewer devices
  • Automatic toner ordering
  • Future proofed solution
  • Reduced paper wastage by 20%
  • Reduced IT burden
  • Secure print release
  • Visibility over device usage

The Solution

Allsop invited a number of providers to tender for their business. On review, we were selected to be their provider of choice. It became clear that both businesses had similar characteristics, an important factor for Allsop who were looking for a partner that echoed their values and high level of service delivery. The business was impressed by our Professional Services offering, with proven experience within the industry. In addition, Allsop were familiar with and had been impressed by Canon devices in the past, so our accredited Canon Advanced Solutions Reseller Partnership was a further influence in the decision.

We assessed Allsop’s print habits to gain a better understanding of the business’ needs. It became evident that a large number of Allsop’s devices could be removed and replaced by central multifunctional devices. As such, the provider has implemented a new fleet of Canon MFDs, reducing the number of HPs and printers across the board. This in turn will reduce print costs and with the introduction of print management solution, uniFLOW. Allsop has already seen a 20% reduction in paper wastage and project a 50% saving in print costs.

uniFLOW will improve the business’ document security and data protection with its secure release function, adding print jobs to a queue at the device until released by the user with an individually assigned pin code, access card or key fob.

The implementation process ran extremely smoothly with a number of our Professional Services and Install team members on site.