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  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Mobility
  • Improved Flexibility

Customer Profile

  • Leisure
  • Locations Worldwide

About Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

Nobu Hotels are a high-end luxury lifestyle hotel chain that is affiliated with the exclusive, multiple Michelin star winning, Japanese restaurant chain Nobu. They have eight sites located throughout Europe and North America and this number is set to increase to sixteen sites by the end of 2018.

The Shoreditch hotel comprises of 143 guest rooms, seven suits, an exclusive restaurant and bar, conferencing and event facilities.

The location in Shoreditch is a very trendy part of town and as a result the hotel is regularly frequented by media, music and fashion professionals. Therefore it was essential that their technology solution was seamlessly implemented and subtle enough to blend in with the sleek and modern interiors.

The Challenge

The hotel was under construction throughout our initial engagement and the preliminary requirements changed as the project developed. Unfortunately it was impossible to perform a walk around to select key locations where the machines would be ideally to be situated, which would generally be standard company procedure for a project of this nature. We adopted a phased approach to the project and worked with the internal Finance Manager to deploy the necessary equipment as and when required. This ensured that the correct machines were sourced, no accidental damage was incurred and no machines or consumables were lost in the process.

The IT manager, responsible for the hotel’s print and reprographic equipment, explained that ageing equipment and poor service provision had conspired to make printing and copying a challenge.

Previously equipment was always failing. One machine seemed to break down two or three times a week. It could take the service agent days to get parts. We needed reliable equipment and an effective service relationship.

IT ManagerNobu Hotels


We devised a hybrid solution, recommending both Sharp and Samsung devices were used in the project. The original requirement for one multifunctional colour printer and three subsequent mono printers developed into eleven machines in total and was deployed over a two-month period. These machines were strategically placed throughout the hotel in key locations. This maximised the offering provided whilst also keeping costs and the environmental impact low.

One of the two main A3 colour devices were situated in the front desk, back office and an additional one was placed in the lower ground floor. One of the key features of these devices was that the restaurant and the bar could now print all of their menus in house as they had been programmed to handle specialist media. There are 6 menus in total and these often change on a daily basis, therefore the outsourcing of this print project was very expensive. Nobu hotels now have the ability in-house to amend and change menus as they wish without onerous financial restraints and time pressures that they previously incurred.

Two smaller A4 colour devices were required for the marketing and events facilities. These were positioned on wheelbase trollies so that they could be conveniently placed in the events space should the client hiring the rooms require printing and scanning facilities. As this space could be broken down and hired out for meeting and or parties alike, a fixed and permanent print solution wouldn’t have been appropriate or aesthetically pleasing.

Seven further A4 Mono devices as well as an additional 2 A3 colour devices were placed throughout the hotel and back of house offices and were necessary for business/office printing as well as clients bills and additional collateral.

As well as implementing the hardware solution over the two-month period we also ensured that there were regular progress meetings with the Nobu Hotels team. This helped resolve any issues immediately and also helped cement the relationship and foster trust. We committed to a short turn around time, ensuring that if any issues arise a member of the service department will be onsite within a four-hour timeframe to resolve any problems with a machine. The contract was also fully inclusive of all consumables and break down call outs meaning that no unforeseen costs would arise.