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It’s frightening to think your data is with a faceless partner.

Transparent & Trusted Document Processing


Blyth Riverside Business Park, Coniston Ct, Blyth NE24 4RP

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It’s frightening to think your data is with a faceless partner.

When it comes to off-site document processing, knowing who you’re trusting with your precious data is absolutely vital. Where will your documents be stored? Who will be dealing with them? What security measures have they got in place?

Most importantly, have you seen evidence of the above?

You need a real partner, with a real face and a trusted team of professionals working behind the scenes. You need account managers that build a meaningful relationship, provide ongoing guidance and offer flexible terms that suit your firm.

Welcome to a fresh approach to document processing. One which values the intricacies of your operations, and is committed to a long-term partnership that delivers value and total security.

This event is a collaboration between Cleardata, Paper River and Agilico, each an innovative and forward-looking document processing and document management partner, with the robust security measures you demand.

Here you’ll have the opportunity to learn about a wide-range of bulk scanning and document processing solutions, and how they can integrate into your existing systems. You’ll be able to experience first-hand how your data will be properly secured, and hear from organisations who are already trusting us with their highly confidential data.

Expect a relaxed and interactive environment where you’ll come away with some great ideas, great insights and great contacts.

Event Highlights

Inbound Mailroom Processing

A walkthrough of the process of digitising client post, using the latest and greatest scanning technology in a highly auditable and accredited environment. This will include an overview of a unique 200% quality checking of every scanned image process.

Automated Document Processing

See the digital team managing the exceptions process behind Cleardata’s automated document processing service. Handle invoices, court documents, medical reports, debt management and a wide range other business critical documents.

High Volume File Scanning

From file check in to complex document preparation and onto high speed digitisation, see how the team at Cleardata digitise over 2 million images a day for their clients in a highly compliant process.

Archive Storage

See document storage managed properly within Cleardata’s secure locations. See how you can manage your archiving requirements via Cleardata’s cloud archive management platform, Cleardaoc AMS.

MFD Leverage

Learn how you can leverage your existing MFDs to create an in-house bulk scanning facility, to support lower volume scanning operations.

Seamless Integration

Learn how Paper River’s powerful integration capabilities can help you seamlessly connect your existing Document Management or Case Management Systems with a bulk scanning bureau or in-house setup.


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