Solution Benefits

  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Security
  • Reduced Costs
  • Improved Sustainability

Customer Profile

  • AEC
  • UK-wide

About Land & Water

Land & Water are the UK’s leading dredging company and operate the largest fleet of specialist long reach excavators and floating plant in the UK.

They have offices in Leicestershire, Surrey, Warwickshire and Norfolk, and employ 160 staff.

The Challenge

Too many printers, each isolated from one another, meant that Land & Water were experiencing issues with regards to the setup and training of new users. Excessive paper and toner usage was another problem, with a free and easy printing culture meaning print jobs were frequently left in device trays and thrown away each day. Document security also needed addressing, as confidential documents such as payslips and contracts were routinely being left at devices, meaning data breaches were a constant danger.

Agilico are problem solvers and they help keep us informed and educated on new market technologies, which in turn helps us to streamline our processes and keep ourselves on the cutting edge of technology. It’s one of the easiest suppliers I have to deal with in my job. They worked tirelessly to ensure they weren’t underspeccing over overspeccing the solution, and we’ve since driven down our paper usage by around 30%.

Group IT ManagerLand & Water


We renewed Land & Water’s entire print fleet, with 9 devices in total. In addition, uniFLOW, installed on each device, now allows users to print from anywhere and to any device. As a result, the overly complex setup and training schedule is now a thing of the past, while visibility and control over staff printing has helped reduce paper and toner usage by around 30%.


  • Cost effective managed print fleet
  • Secure scanning and information management workflows
  • Control and visibility over printing and scanning across the whole group