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At Agilico, we have been working with local businesses for more than 30 years, taking responsibility for our impact on the environment. As part of our green initiative, we promote the ’Less Paper Office’ further afield than just our own offices.

At DMC Canotec we actively help our customers reduce the need for paper by digitising office documents, letters, proposals and just about any other document you can think of! That also means cutting down on storage too. “More than just copiers, we focus on the entire document lifecycle, not just the moment you press ’print’. This ’Less Paper Office’ project has helped our customers become more sustainable with fewer devices, less paper wastage and reduced carbon footprint“.

“This initiative is company wide, covering our offices in Hampshire, London, Bristol, Birmingham, North Wales and Manchester“.

Our latest development is the purchase of a fleet of low emission hybrid VW Golf GTEs with plans to replace a number of existing vehicles with low emission hybrid models in the near future.

Further efforts to reduce both the business’ and our customers’ carbon footprint include Planitgreen, our range of remanufactured toner cartridges with a 25p donation to Starlight Children’s Foundation along with a free toner recycling scheme which includes the free delivery and collection of recycling boxes for all customers.

“We’re keen to do the right thing in what has traditionally been a very wasteful industry. Changing attitudes and getting both our staff and our customers to think more about how we impact the environment. It’s an exciting time for the business.“